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Blog Archive Dynamic Pages (with numbered posts limit)

Hi guys.

The scenario: Plenty of posts require plenty of pages, because I don’t wanna scroll continuously on one Blog Archive/List page.

i.e. I’d like to only show only 10 posts on a single Blog Archive/List page. That’s easily done using the Limit function. For older posts, I’d like to click on something like ‘Next Page’ or ‘Page 2’. Now, I don’t know what’s the best way to dynamically create new pages for subsequent pages of 10 posts. Is there a way to do that? Or do we have to manually create Dynamic Pages that limits posts to 10, and then make new ones for the new set of 10…

Please advice, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

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Hello @kesterize

Did you try to use tabs on the page? Every tab could have dynamic list with maximum 10 posts. Only thing: you can’t have more than 10 dynamic lists on one page.


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That’s an excellent idea, Anna! Works as ‘pagination’.

Two issues to it though:

  1. The limit is gonna be an issue later.
  2. I can’t make the tabs generate itself dynamically. :(cry: - If we can solve this part, it would be great. What do you think?

Current CMS system is new. Wait for further development in that area.


I imagine some experimentation with multi-references would be a good place to start

Hi @kesterize,

I don’t know how do you plan to create whole Archive system, but it is how I would start to do:

  • create collection “Archive”
  • every item name: Month
  • item has field “month”, which become reference field for “blog post” items
  • in the Archive item template add dynamic list of blog posts, where month field equal current Month item.

On this templates blog post could have just summary and link to post template, so no pagination.

And page with latest blog posts would have tabs for pagination and dynamic lists limited a 30 or 60 days from current date.

Hope I was able to explain :slight_smile:



I ended up adopting a year’s tab function similar to your suggestion, @sabanna. However, I’d like to wait for a more dynamic option for an auto-generated page-numbered blog list/archive page. Oh well. Thanks for your help :smile:

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Dear @sabanna,
please could you post here a more detailed steps to create a whole blog archive collection?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @Karmen,

I didn’t really use this yet. :confused: It was just an idea. But I will try to create an example and provide tutorial. Will let you know.


@sabanna Thank you a lot for getting back to me.

I am looking forward to seeing your tutorial. Take your time.


Hey @Karmen,

Here is post about Archive concept: Blogs Archive concept
Hope it will be useful for you.


I have used the tabs as pagination for collection posts. However, I have one issue which is when I click on other tabs, I couldn’t focus the content on the top. Please advise on this. Thanks.

Hello, @calvinlau89

Sorry for the delay with the answer.

Could you please, provide the read-only link to your project? It will help us to find out the issue much faster.

How to share a read-only link:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: