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Photo Spacing control in CMS content

I am putting together a CMS for a portfolio but I’ve run into a hurdle. Each portfolio project has a writeup, but depending on the project, the order of the headings is different, the number of paragraphs is different, and there are different numbers of photos that correspond to project-specific section. I’ve upload “heading 1,” “paragraph 1,” “heading 2,” “paragraph 2,” and so on, and then inserted the photos directly into rich text with the corresponding paragraphs. The problem is that I don’t have much control over the photos. How can I get more control over photo spacing on all the breakpoints?

Take a look at the Advanced Styling section on the following link. You can target image within a RT block that has a class name in that way.

Thanks Spirelli. I watched the video and played around with it, and certainly learned something.
While it seems to work great for adding isolated rich text blocks, I still can’t figure out how to control content in a rich text block that’s coming from a CMS. My images are far too large on the large breakpoints and much too small on mobile portrait.