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Blog Quotes with Images


I am a bit confused with the blog quotes. I need my blog quotes to include photos. Right now I can only put photo above or below the quote… But how do I put the photo beside the quotes.

Thanks alot in advance.

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I’m not sure what look you’re going for or what you’re using to get there. Are you trying to add a block quote to a blog post? Is the blog post content in an RTE? Have you got a current website you’re trying to rebuild or examples of what you’re trying to achieve? This would help us come up with a solution.

I’m already set everything up for a blog… Just have styling issues inside RTE.

Trying to add image to a quote with person name… I attached image as an axample.


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Hi, does anyone know. how to do that? thanks

That is not a design pattern you can accomplish within a rich text element nor in a block quote element. You would need to exit the RTE then create your own using a div, text elements and an image with styling.

Thanks… but how go I insert it in blog posts? as a code? It’s actually to bad… I find RTE very difficult to work with. The only drawback I found in Webflow :frowning:

You have the ability to have custom fields in a collection, and use those fields in a collection template. So you would need to break up the flow of your post with multiple fields. Or you could just place an element like that at the end or before the “blog content RTE” in the template. So you need to work with the limits of a RTE’s and the elements that are available to you. Custom code is always an option.

As a coder, i could take an element (a div for example) made up with the name, quote, and image that was hidden in the template, then take it and inject it back into the document flow where I wanted, even within the content that existed in a RTE.

@anna_odeh what @webdev said :slight_smile:. You could always tweak the look of the quote so it does work with the RTE field. Having the image of the person above the text could look nice as well.

Thanks, I triead above… looks really bad :frowning: Client doesn’t like it either…

Well at least you can fall back to dropping in a block quote element and styling it.

Then I’m afraid the only way to do this will be to have a separate quote built-in to the template like mentioned above.