Blockquote cite

It seems that Webflow is missing the “cite” attribute for the <blockquote> tag.

I want my client to be able to include quotes in her blog posts, however, with the cite part missing from Webflow I can’t see a way to do it.

This is a basic feature of Wordpress and quite important for building blog sites.

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Indeed it is.

For blockquotes that are expressed as standalone elements, you can use the Custom element to construct what you want, and even bind it to the CMS.

But for blockquotes inside of richtext, you’ll have to use custom code or a library.
I’ve built some custom versions of this, but never formalized them into a shareable library. If you build your own version, a few tips;

  • Consider merging adjacent blockquotes into a single blockquote with paragraphs inside of it, for a better semantic structure. Clients will often hit the ENTER key when they want paragraphs in a blockquote but in Webflow this creates a separate blockquote element.
  • Consider looking for a last line prefixed with a hyphen, If it is, parse that line into your citation. You’ll have to figure out what’s easy for your clients, based on their needs. I tend to keep them simple- text for the author/source, and optionally a link to point to that reference.