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Does anyone know how I can add titles/dates to each of the post on my blog page, as well as space each collection item out so that I can see the full image on that page? This is supposed to be where each of my blog posts are so I’d like it to look more like a blog post page.

Not entirely sure what you are asking for specifically, but you can add a Headline inside each of your collection items and link that headline to the name of your posts.
If you are trying to show the entire image for each blog post on the blog page, you could put it inline instead of using the background image feature. Then you wouldn’t need the 527px top padding on each item.
If you have a picture of what you’d like to do, upload that so we can see it.
I hope this helps.

@Lux Thank you. Here’s any example of what I’m looking to do. Date/title on top of images, then after several image have my blog post text at the bottom.

Ah ha. On the blog post page:
Click on the Navigator (type the F key), and make sure you insert elements in this order one on top of the other in the page structure:
Paragraph (link it to your blog post creation date)
Headline (link it to your blog post name)
…and then make sure you drag in a picture element instead of background images (there are pros and cons to using that bg method, so be mildly warned)
…then just link the image element to your blog post image.
Beyond this, if you haven’t already, try watching the create a site set of videos provided by Webflow, it really helps to understand setting up a page and sub pages in their system.
Hope that helps!

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I could only get the paragraph and headline text below the first image. Is there a way to get it above it?Also, How do I drag in a picture element?

You can drag an Image in from the Add panel and position it in your page before letting go of your mouse button or you can select the element you’d like to add it near in your page structure and just click Image (trying to be specific for you).

[edit] Remember that you have a ton of padding in the top of the Collection Item. Remove the padding, put the image inline, and you’ll be able to work with it better.