Blog Creation Help

I have 2 clients that are asking for a blog. I admit I’ve never done this before in Webflow but I know the CMS tool is going to be my go to for creating it. What I’m concerned with is things like, subscriptions, comment sections, ad revenue, & other features they may want that I don’t think Webflow can provide me.

Are there other program options I can integrate into Webflow to make this possible? Like Mailchimp for subscriptions as an example.


For adding comments to a blog you could use Disqus:

MailChimp integration would be a good way to do subscriptions as you say:

Google Adsense would be a good way to make money from a blog. You can have ads embedded using Webflow’s ‘custom HTML’ block:

You could also consider something like affiliate programs that could be integrated into your client blogs. Let me know if you need any more help!

Is there a list of affiliate programs on the site? Could you give me an example please?