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Making a Monetizing a Blog?

Hi everyone, is it possible to make a blog then monetize it by way of Google AdSense and add Affiliate links??? I know it’s possible on Wordpress but Webflow seems nice. So actually my question is actually 3 questions;

  1. What is the process of making a blog on Webflow?

  2. How does a person add Google AdSense?

3? How does a person add affiliate links?

Thank you.

Hi @MoMughal,

To answer all your questions at once, YES you can create a monetized blog site.

You will just need to build out your site using our CMS system, add the code for Google Adsense (once you are approved for it, of course), and then you can even sign up to become a Webflow Affiliate or any other affiliate for that matter.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

The questions you ask have been answered and lots of information on how to use the product is available in the forums and the Webflow University and Blog posts. Start your journey there. Re: Adsense … it is just an embed. You can learn about embeds in the University.

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