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Blog Monetisation on Webflow vs Wordpress?

Does anyone know if web flow is good for blog monetisation?

Like doing affiliate marketing with websites like Common Junction, AvantLink or Amazon Affiliates?

And also inputing Ads on your web page on the side? Like from Google Adsense

I also want to put a comment system from Disqus

I’m quite new to webflow so if its just html code I’m sure it can work but I just wanted to ask…

I was going to use wordpress but I hate the bugs and security on it, I’m not a developer.

Has anyone tried these out yet on webflow?

One thing is for sure, there are no plugins or extensions on Webflow.

However, you can do something as simple as embedding custom code for ads.

Probably possible yes, just be careful with your intent for the site. Pulled from the Webflow Terms of Service below

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Thanks guys,

I have had a week or so to look into Wordpress vs Webflow for blogging and monetisation (affiliate marketing). I think no-one has tried it yet with Webflow to give an educated answer. So I’ll try using the Webflow CMS and see how far I get. All the marketing techniques I’ve seen, I’m hoping I can just insert code.

I’m a bit tentative to use Wordpress because I’ve had a lot of security issues in the past and it costs a lot to hire a developer to fix and maintain the site.

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