Blog CMS creating multiple URLs


I built a website’s blog using Webflow CMS, and it seemed to have generated multiple URLs and Google is indexing them.
It’s really strange because there are multiple CMSs on the site, and pages with other CMSs do not cause the same issue.
Can anyone please tell me why this specific page is creating so many URLs and how to fix the it?

Thank you in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]
Here is publushed site: [LINK]
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Hi Minji,

I’m not sure what the screenshot is meant to be, is it from an SEO tool listing the URLs discoverable by SEO crawlers?

Your blog page has two collection lists with pagination.

Webflow URLs those pages on the querystring using an internal collection list identifier, and page number, so e.g. you can have one list on page 4 and one on page 2 and you get.


This is a normal use of querystrings, and important for SEO, otherwise those pages are unindexable and the content is hidden.

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Woah, thank you so much for the swift reply @memetican!
Yes, the image is from an SEO tool letting us know all the pages discoverable by crawlers.

So what you are saying is that those URLs are standard for paginated CMSs, and there are multiple URLs because I have multiple paginated collections within the page, and each page creates the URLs.
Is it correct?

Also if I can add a follow-up question, does limiting the number of items in a collection create a separate URL as well just like the pagination?

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 3.09.38 PM

It sounds like you understand the mechanism correctly.
Here are the key points;

In Webflow, when you have a paginated Collection List on a page, and you navigate to e.g. Page 2 of that paginated list, the URL reflects that e.g.

/my-page-with-a-list becomes

If you have multiple paginate Collection Lists on the page, and you navigate on all of them, you get added querystring params.

If you think about how Google navigates that, it multiplies.
If CL1 has 5 pages, and CL2 has 20, well… that’s 100 possible URLs.
You can have up to 20 Collection Lists on a page, so… that can add up.

However those URLs are a good thing. They make it possible for Googlebox to find and index that content on your site, which is important for your SEO.

The Limit and Pagination features are different. Limit truncates the list, with no ability to page to the next set of N items.

Amazing explanation!
Thank you so much for your help explaining how it works.