SEO Procedure for Webflow Pagination

Hi everyone! I recently implemented a pagination feature on a website that I am working on, and I’m now getting a duplicate content issue. Does anyone know the right SEO procedure for using pagination? Thanks a bunch!

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Hey Timothy, you’ll need to share both a designer readonly link and a published site link for us to take a look.

By pagination are you referring to Webflow’s built-in pagination feature for collection lists?

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Hi Michael, thanks for responding!

Here is the URL: Media | Robot News | Media Coverage on Richtech Robotics

Here is the read-only link: Webflow -

I used F’insweet’s pagination feature found here: CMS Load more for Webflow - No-code using Attributes

What tool is reporting duplicate content?

I think you’re probably fine. If anything, you’d have the opposite problem which is that your URLs don’t represent the content they serve. The way you’ve configured the FS library, your URL bar doesn’t show the current collection-list-page URL, and your canonical URL won’t include that querystring either.

So, from the perspective of Google, you sort of have one page of results only.

Fortunately, your sitemap will list those articles individually, so they will get picked up on their individual collection pages. Overall I’d guess you’re probably fine.

If it were me, I think I’d go for infinite scroll instead. Its a better UX, and you’re not showing paginated URLs anyway. Google should be able to pick it up as long as you don’t have a ridiculous amount of content, leading to timeouts or page-size limits.

I experienced the same issue. With approx. 800 entries in my collection list and a pagination limit of 10, over 8000 pages are indexed on Google.

That’s mystifying. 800 / 10 = 80. Unless you have multiple paginated collection lists on the same page, I can’t imagine what URL structure Google is trying to crawl. I’ve never seen these issues on my sites.

Yes, it is, here is a link: Map of Global Drone Incidents by Dedrone Anti-Drone / CUAS Solution

Same issue, did any of you manage to solve this? Also getting thousands of pages indexed and crawled :frowning:

Hey Sebastian, I’m still not seeing the issue you’re describing;
If you query Google, it shows 615 results. You mentioned 800 collection items + some static pages so that number sounds right.

Your canonical looks fine too.

If you can show the problem you’re seeing somehow, it’s an intriguing one. I still haven’t seen an example of the URLs that Google is permuting. My best guess of where the might happen is in a page which has two or more paginaget collection lists, because then they querystrings multiply.

If List 1 has 10 pages and List 2 has 10 pages, that; 100 URL combinations.

@ChickenPie Do you have any pages with 2+ paginated collection lists? In any case, make sure you have your canonical properly set. That will treat all of those URL variants as a single master page for indexing purposes.