Duplicate URLs, what is generating them, how to remove?


I have seen similar questions in the forum, but no clear answer to this.

Google Search Console, as well as a simple Google search, shows I have a bunch of URLs with
?30blahblahblah_page=2 and the like. What is generating these, and how do I get rid of them? I cannot find internal links within the site that point to these kinds of URLs.

My read-only link

Pagination. You can read up on this issue in this thread β†’ Pagination is leading to duplicate meta descriptions - #18 by aaronatkinsdesign


Ignore it unless you have over a thousand pages. Then you can read β†’ Block crawling of parameterized duplicate content - Search Console Help

Thank you, much appreciated. I am curious though, can you tell me what is generating the query string URLs in the first place? I can’t find links to them on the website itself, and as far as I know, pagination is not in use on the site.

So if I link to your site with them in the URL then you would have a link that Google things is unique, but is not.

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If you PM me actual links (full url) you got from the search console I will take a look.

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