Collection list URL's Issue

Hi all, I’m having problems wrapping my head around how my collection list URL’s work, I’m hoping I’ve missed something and someone in the community here can help.

If I create a new collection item a unique URL will be created.
I then have a collection page with pagination set to display 1 item, and show latest content by publishing date. So each item should have its own page.
Say I have 5 items in the collection list, each has a unique URL but if any of those URL’s are typed into a browser you will be taken to the most recently published item instead of the desired URL. You would then need to scroll down to pagination and click through to find the article of the URL you had clicked.

Here is a collection of URL’s:

So if I go the the 2nd or 3rd URL on the list, I am instead taken to the most recent URL?

Much thanks to anyone who can share some insight into how this works, I’m lost.

Here is my public share link:

Add screenshot of the problem (You click on X and go to Y instead of Z?) - really hard to understand the problem.

  • Add Page url

There are three URL’s above mate, Click on the panels to open. Each of the URL will take you to the same page (newest post) instead of showing the article of the URL clicked. Im sure it has something to do with the pagination of the posts but i’m lost as to how the structure should be.

Remove the pagination and all the articles in the collection would cascade down the page. Use pagination and each article should have it’s own page, but I don’t think it quite works out like that?

This problem related only for those 3 links?

I am on mobile now will check this Tommorow.

I actually have 8 collections, so the issue is across all of those. Surely anyone using webflow for a blog has come across this before?