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Linking to dynamic page via single reference


  • I think what may of happen is that I deleted the category link from default template was initially created by webflow, and then I tried to add it back later. After that happened though, the dynamic aspect of the page going to the category page no longer worked…even though my settings are correct. Thoughts?

Where one should click for it to work: (inside green outlined box)

What currently happens when one clicks on it: (goes to - blank page instead of

What it should look like when the category link is clicked:

current settings:



There are some other things that I need to knock on this site, but really the only funkyness that keeps me from being able to push this site to my official domain and start passing out business cards is this blogging cms stuff not working. Your help would be greatly be appreciated :smiley:

Hi @nathanphilsteele I can take a look for you. Can you please update your post with screenshots showing your settings and another screenshot showing the unintended results? I’m having difficulty narrowing down where your page settings have gone wrong (or if it’s a bug etc)

Also, as a bonus, please try this while in incognito mode and send me a screenshot of your console if you can.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi @thewonglv, I REALLY appreciate it!

I wasn’t sure what you meant by incognito mode, but I guessed that meant it’s in read-only view…I hope that was right, but let me know if not.

Thanks again @thewonglv :smiley:

Thanks for the detailed info! For some reason it works as expected on my end:

Is this still giving you trouble? If so, can you try clearing your cache and let me know if the behavior changes?

re incognito mode:
How to use incognito mode:
How to open your console:

Weird…it’s working now, but how do I specifically get it so that only the blogs relative to the specific category show up? I don’t see the specific individual category pages such that I could tell each page to filter out the specific blogs categories for each in Design Mode. I tried filter out MISC in the Categories template, but then is filtered MISC for every category, if the category page was MARKETING. Thoughts?

  • the animated screen captures really work well for me :smile: )

Thanks @thewonglv


Glad it’s working now! As for filtering, try updating the dynamic list from the settings tab.

If you still need help, can you please create a new thread asking for assistance with filtering dynamic lists (helps others find the topic so they can learn too)

TIA! Cheers!

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Perfect! Thanks @thewonglv ! I’ve published to my godaddy site, so hopefully it will be good to go when I wake up in the morning…life feels much better now :smiley:



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