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Having a hard time removing Category and Category 2 fields

Hi, I’m having a hard time removing “Category” and “Category 2” fields from my Blog Posts CMS.

I decided to change my layout and am now wanting to use the “Categories” multi-reference instead of the single-reference of the other two categories.

You help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



  • is it not possible to pull text from a multi-reference field? I tried pulling text into the blog post template, but it’s not even show “Categories” as a possible field to text from.

  • there is no longer a blog post thumb showing up in my MISC category page since I tried to make the information be pulled from the multi-reference database Categories.

  • The Category field is not allowing me to delete it even though I combed through the website looking for dynamic lists that may be referencing it

**to be noted to help avoid confusion. “Categories” is the multi-reference field that I’m to switching to while “Category” is the single reference database that I am trying to delete…I want to be able to show a blog thumb is several category pages.

****Please let me know if this is not a possibility.