Referencing color information from multi-reference fields?

Hi all!

Can you take a look at this to see where I might be setting this up incorrectly?

Basically I want to be able to pull color information from within a multi-reference field depending on what category the article is pulling from.

Here’s a quick video overview describing my situation:

Any ideas? Thanks so much!

Here is my public share link:

Then to tack on to the above, I also want to be able to show a list of articles and dynamically show the 1) category and 2) tags associated with each article. Pretty common stuff. But I can’t figure out how to do that since it doesn’t give me access to the content within the multi-reference fields and I don’t have access to selecting those options in the “conditional visibility” area either (for example, to show ALL tags and selectively hide the tags that aren’t associated with the current article).

Here’s a video overview talking about this for clarity’s sake:

The main issue I can see immediately is that you have set a colour for the category, which is fine.

Category 1 - Blue
Category 2 - Green

But in the blog article, you have the category choice as a multi-reference. So lets say you choose category 1, and category 2… which colour is now going to be displayed? (It won’t be yellow! :grin: )

Change the category to just a single reference and you’ll be able to achieve the desired effect.

Hope this helps!

As for your second issue, you’ll be able to add the tags on a dynamic page, but not make it work that way on a static page. It’s recommended to only show 3 tags per article anyway, so you could add three single reference fields. If you want 10 tags, then this could be a problem.


Doy. Yes, of course it was because of the multi-reference. Got that solved! Thanks Mark!

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No worries, anther pair of eyes is always useful when things start to look blurry! :grin:

Funny that this conditional visibility thing was just updated JUST NOW … How convenient. :smiley: