Nested Collection Lists (Changing the Colour of Category Tags)?

Hey everyone,

I’ve created a collection to hold blog posts. Each blog post will be linked for a category. For example, in the image below, all of the tags labelled ‘technology’ should be one colour. While the ones labelled ‘book review’ should be another colour.

My initial solution was to just to create a colour field within the current blog post collection. So for example, every time the category was technology I would set the colour field to purple, and everytime it was ‘books’ I would set it to orange. However, this leaves a lot of room for error since I have to do it manually each time.

My second thought was to create a second collection named ‘categories’. This collection would have two fields: (1) Category Name, (2) Category colour. I then planned to nest this ‘category’ collection inside of my ‘blog post collection’ so that the colours would be automatically changed.

Although when I tried this, I couldn’t get it to work because it seems like you can’t nest collections in Webflow.

I was wondering if there is a standard way of solving this problem.


Here is my public share link:


I’m on mobile too, so I can’t check the read only link.

Try the multi reference

Perfect, exactly what I needed. Thanks!