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Billing my client is more expensive?


I have a website ready for my client. So I payed for the whole year. (29$ per month). Now when I want to charge my client but now its minimum 42$ per month? I want to charge 29$ per month and not more.

Hello @Razzyy

You paid for the whole year and that’s why the price is 29$. The monthly price is 42$. How you will charge your client when the site has a plan? I believe that you want to use the client billing tool. Just charge your client using something like PayPal.

Piter :webflow_heart:

Is it not possible to charge my client annualy using the client billing? Or do I have to charge every month for a higher price?

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I think the client billing works only per month. See here >

Once again, the site you’re talking about already has a plan for one year right? So for what you will charge the client? Year more?

If the client wants to pay for one year, just send them your PayPal or bank details so they can transfer the money you paid.