I would like to charge annual hosting fee for my client

I would like to charge annual hosting fee for my client.

Is it Ok to change billing card to pay hosting annual fee once from my card to client’s card?
Then I want to switch my card because I have to pay web flow Lite plan monthly.
The billing date is different, But I have to switch the card annually before hosting fee charge on my card.

Is there any problem which I don’t know.

Thank you.

Easiest is probably for you to setup “Client Billing” (see in your project’s Settings).

Client billing is monthly billing system with transaction fee.

Is this possible to charge annual hosting cost at once?

You can’t at the moment. Information is here:

Am I able to setup Client Billing with Annual Billing?
At the moment Client Billing is only available on monthly billing frequency. The Webflow team hopes to have this option available in the near future.

Thank you.
I did read the text, so I want to find another way for charging annually.