Billing / Invoice inquiry #help

Hi there, just wondering if perhaps there is a double billing going on with my account

I seem to be getting billed twice for a hosting client project
Basic Hosting (Month, USD) for mynt $7.50
CMS Hosting (Professional) for mynt $10.00

Where as another project I have, I’m only getting billed once.
CMS Hosting (Professional) for mynt-playbook $10.00

Is there ever a need to have both Basic and CMS Professional hosting, my understanding is that once you go
to CMS Professional, that includes the basic hosting + the ability to use the CMS! No?

also there is a billing item called
2 line item
that includes Custom Branding - - $5.00
What is this? and why is it costing money?

Help per’favor!

You probably want to contact for billing questions.

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