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Custom domain billing

I got a bit anxious and clicked the option for custom domain - before i had my domain settings changed, and I confirmed the $4.99 and received the billing receipt via email. Then I realized the domain registration was not complete - so I removed the path from the field. Now that I am about ready to add the custom domain - it is acting as if it is going to bill me again.

How do I set this up for my site now that it’s ready and avoid getting a duplicate charge?



@thewonglv @PixelGeek @cyberdave this looks like a job for one of you :slight_smile: can you help @Sandy out?


Hi @Sandy :smile:

Go ahead and put your domain name back in the hosting tab. If you get double billed, just let us know and we’ll refund your right away.

If you still need a reference guide on how to host your domain name with us, here you go:


Thanks. When I update that custom domain, can I remove it at a point later and then put the custom domain settings on a different site? Reason being - as we are just launching, development on the site is continuing - so I want to publish an MVP for now (minimum viable product) on my custom domain. I will continue to develop the ‘real’ site in a different WF site. When that’s ready - I want THAT published to the custom domain.

I can’t figure out the logical flow to be able to have a set of pages published to the custom domain, develop and test another (different) set of pages, and only push the changes to the custom domain when I’m ready. The only way I see to do this is to remove the hosting settings from one WF site, and then update the other WF site hosting settings when I’m ready to publish. Is that correct? It would make sense - if I’m paying $4.99 a month - I’m paying for the fixed hosting site (ie: so I should be able to assign that hosting site to any WF site I develop, right? Obviously - it can only be assigned to one site at a time. I guess I’m expecting that once I pay for the hosting, it goes into a list of custom domains that I’ve purchased (via the 4.99) and then when I go to hosting settings for any site - I can choose from the existing hosting sites I pay for, or choose to create a new one.

Can you please help clarify this process? I’m afraid to update the hosting settings until I know that I can change from my MVP site to the real site.


Hey there

I did get billed twice for the same thing – on July 11 for $4.99 and then on July 16 for $4.99. Can you please refund one of those?



Hi @Sandy

Can you email us ( ) so we can look into your account?

I’ll be standing by for your response! :slight_smile:


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