Billing all over the place

Webflow seems to bill me several times a month for different aspects of my service (the plan is one bill, hosting on different sites is another few bills, and an odd one for $1.85, which I’m thinking might be some kind of proration for something?

The tiny fees here and there present an organizational headache for my small business. Is there a way to roll these into one monthly transaction? It certainly can’t benefit Webflow to get hit with a transaction fee for each payment, and it sure would keep things simpler on my end.

Hi! I think this is a great question for :slight_smile: You will get personalized help there. Have a good day!


Except I don’t think this is just happening with the OP. I’m getting it aswell. Lots of seperate invoices and payments for each $5 hosting. Really could do with being rolled up into one invoice please.



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