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Bilingual Blogposts Help

Hello, Webflow Community! I’m currently working on a project which has blogposts intended for 2 languages (EN and ZH). I’ve already made separate CMS Collections that are identical for both languages, but I am having trouble with linking. I think the solution is just under my nose, but I’m hitting a wall, somehow.

In the photo I attached, what I want to achieve is going to the same blog post (as where i am now in EN) but in the ZH collection when i click the ZH button. Is there a way to do this, besides limiting/filtering it by Blog Name? (Since the name may change often).

Here is my read only link:

*Posts can be found in EN Retail Template and ZH Retail Template

You can mimick a feature of real multilanguage module: add a field in each of your post collections to reference the post in the other language (add a reference field set on the other collection). Then you’ll use that info to craft a link to the other language post.

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I can recommend weglot. It is a free translation service for this kind of project with only 2 languages.

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Like… only two? Or is it a figure of speech?

Edit ok I see, free for two languages.

The free account is limited for 2 languages. If you want more - you can have, but you must pay the price… :wink: