How to create language cross-reference on CMS Collection itens?

Hi, all!

The company I currently work for has their website on WP, but the agency that made it has left some major faults and bugs and I’ve decided to migrate everything to Webflow. It’s a law firm, so we have the Teams, Practice Areas, News and such.

Here’s the thing:
I’m creating CMS Collections for the previous mentioned, and one feature that should be major is, when I’m with a Team/Service/Post opened, whenever I click to change the language (e.g: EN > PT), it should take straight to that same post on the other language.

What steps should I take on achieving this? I mean, is there a way to cross-reference Collections to link them to one another? Like, in WP we can today select that “this” post has a translation; it’ll automatically create another post already linked.

Any help is MUCH appreciated!

Hey @panhan, Its more cumbersome but you can create the EN collection, lets call it the parent collection. Then create the PT Collection.

In the PT collection create a Reference field with EN. On every PT post you can just reference the corresponding EN post.

On EN Template page, insert a collection pick PT collection and filter the EN reference to current EN post.

Hi, @dennyhartanto! Thanks! I’m pretty sure I get what you mean.

Would it work if from the reference field I pulled the link itself of the other post/translation?

If you mean will you be able insert a link to EN for the PT translation. Yes you can.

Theorically it should be able to work both ways.