Multilingual Website Workaround

Hey! I’m brainstorming a bit here. So I’m building a two-language website and I’ve heard everywhere Webflow doesn’t have that feature right now.

So I’m trying to work around that. Please let me know if that’s a good solution or I’m missing something and will have problems implementing it.

  1. Set two Pages for every page.
    Homepage: and
    About Page: and
    Blog Page: and

  2. Collection URL
    English Blog: en-blog (so english blog will have URL
    German Blog: de-blog (so german blog will have URL

Am I missing something or is this very easy to do?
SEO would work flawlessly too.

Am I missing something? What are the limitations?

We did this almost the same, except that we put every standard page (not CMS) in German into the /de directory.

Not sure if you need different directories for the collections, since they will have different titles in English and German anyway. We didn’t need different directories, just used - different titles.