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How can I make a dual language website with CMS in Webflow?

Greetings. I am creating a site that needs to have dual languages. Spanish and English. The site has a CMS, so every entry has a information in english and an information in spanish. Can somebody help me to see how can I make this site happen using CMS?

Example: I have a product (insurance), and it is displaying in Spanish through the CMS, but I would like to click a button in the header that will take me to that same product page but in the second language (english).

Is that possible?

As I know this is on the wish list for Webflow and is not possible yet. But I might not be understanding your question correctly. Hope this helps! :wink: If not be sure to ask more questions. :grinning:

I think you understand. Been searching de Forum and I have found no answer and read in some posts that is in the future things to try. My main goal was that in the same “product” entry my client could enter the information in one language and in the second field the info in the second language. But I see that is not possible.

I think there is a work around but it requires to set up one collection for each language and then let the user switch between the languages. But that doesn’t resolve entire my issue.

Lets see if somebody has any tips on doing this.

I renamed your title so that the people who have had experience incorporating this feature could help you out. :wink::grinning::blush::+1:

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Hello, @evolckers!

Unfortunately, as @VLADinSACRAMENTO mentioned, Webflow doesn’t have a native functionality for multilingual sites. But there is always workaround.

I don’t know if my idea will fit your needs, but who knows :wink:

If your collection items have inside both languages fields (for example, Item title - English, item title - Spanish) then you can try to set design with duplicating that fields. Create separate class names for Eng and Span content. And then, use the “Language Buttons” for display: block / display: none for particular class (using interactions).

I tried to archive this idea about a year ago when we didn’t have a CMS. Had to give up because had too many items to duplicate.With CMS it is much easier.



That is a very interesting work around! Will try it and report back. THANKS!

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Cant make it work. Maybe I’m too tired right now. Cant understand very well how do interactions work, and how to implement a special interaction in an element clicking on a button in another part of the page. Will try again tomorrow.

Had a Black Coffee and returned, could not go to sleep without solving my issue!!! Worked LIKE a CHARM! Thanks @sabanna YOU ROCK!!! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


I see that you solved it but want you and other to see another solution. Here I am using two collections for each language so that the url changes for that language you chosen. The down side with this is that if you want to change the design you need to change it on both collections for them to look the same. The positive is it’s easy to maintain for the collaborators and you have nice url’s.