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BIG Website Migration (5 of them...)

W’re about to perform not one, but FIVE big website migrations and I could use an outside view/second opinion of my process (please!).

Quick background info - We’re an eCommerce brand with some VERY outdated websites across multiple countries. All built on a custom system with awful UI and UX. Last year we decided to redesign everything and move to Webflow & Shopify. In the coming month’s we’ll be migrating to our new websites.

What’s going to change:

  • Almost every URL
  • A lot of pages will disappear
  • A lot of content will change
  • The design will get a huge overhaul
  • UI & UX will be improved

What will stay the same:

  • The domain

I’ve done some site migrations before but not on this scale.

In terms of work flow I was thinking the below:

  • Have new website ready to go on the domain
  • Create a list of 301s - old URLs to new (Would it best to add to the ‘301 Redirects’ within Webflow or upload a .htaccess file?)
  • Generate a new sitemap of the new website
  • Make the switch
  • Resubmit the new sitemap
  • Monitor Analytics/Search Console

Can anyone pitch in any thoughts/views/opinions?


Yes, reach out to a pro that has done large scale migrations to help you avoid costly mistakes. Planning based on forum responses could be quite risky. I happen to know someone. :wink:

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Care to point me in their direction? :smile:

I have done many migrations before, but I had quite a substantial team and it was in some ways far less complicated, hence any outside experience to nudge me to remember any potential problems would help!