Shopify to Webflow for Large Existing Site

I’m helping overhaul the design of a huge e-commerce brand who recently lost most of their marketing resources. My preferred platform is webflow, but they’ve built everything out in Shopify for the last few years.

As we dive into Shopify it’s obvious that the designing process is far more complex and will likely require coding experience to make major updates. So we’re trying to weigh the pros and cons of migrating this site into webflow.

I think the set-up is too robust to try to transfer into webflow e-commerce, so it’d need to be a shopify integration into webflow.

Does anyone have any experience migrating a large shopify site into webflow, or scoping out the process? Would love any guidance anyone has on pros/cons and what’s involved

Does Webflow e-commerce meet the clients requirements today? That is what I would evaluate first. Skinning Shopify is no different than any normal e-commerce build and just requires front end developers which are not hard to find. I have worked with both platforms and can tell you that there is not feature parity between them.