Domain Migration, Same Website

Our client wants to change their domain. They currently get a lot of traffic through years of SEO work to their site and current domain.

What is the best/most effective way to migrate a Webflow website from one domain to another?

I have read simply publishing to both the new and old domains and choosing the new as the ‘default’ is enough, but is that really all there is to it?

I am concerned whether every page would indeed have a 1:1 redirect and any indexed pages from the old domain would redirect to the right place. Also whether indeed ‘link juice’ would be preserved.

They are a huge company so we cannot afford to mess this up! :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

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If the paths are changing you need redirects on everything. Webflow has serious limitations on paths in the CMS which can be an issue. Also, folders have no index files (static) so you have to come up with a strategy for that. What’s involved depends totally on what the current site structure is. If you want help from a pro (fee based) feel free to reach out to me by responding and I will DM you.