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Pre-staging domain

In designer you have preview but I often want to look at the published site on my phone, tablet and different browsers. If I under development have shared the url to my not-yet-ready-to-be-seen-changes, client sees all the strange things going on when he visits that url and wonders whats going on.

So to avoid that I would like to have a pre-staging domain.

Maybe this could be handy when there are more then one person working on a site aswell. Designer ships first version to client, gets feedback, gets back to work, publish on pre-staging to his collegeas for review and developers to do their stuff, then publish on the shared url to client. When site is ready custom domain is attached or the site is exported.

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Interesting idea!

I’ve tried using the address as staging buy just pushing changes to it and not the custom domain. Problem is that if you are published to a custom domain and refresh your page then publish box defaults to the custom domain. Really easy to publish to the wrong place.

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What? This is seriously wrong. It should always remember the last published locations.

Just tested. I published to ONLY the went out to dashboard came back in to the Designer and both addresses are checked to publish. This happens on a page refresh, after some saves, sometimes after switching between pages in the site (I think…on the last point I’m not 100%).

Somebody double check this because a few times it’s made me think I was going crazy…