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Beginner to Webflow, what courses to study

Hi There, i am a beginner to webflow and have gone through the 101 crash course, it is way advanced for me. i do not know html/css etc.

My question is what do i get good at so that those modules will help me with the basics before i could design simple websites on webflow.

i can seek help from web developers who can tutor me, what courses should i look at learning in order to be an intermediate webflow user.

Many thanks.

Start with the basic modules on FreeCodeCamp to get the hang of the underpinning technologies and to develop some basic best practices. Then if you have 700 dollars lying around, buy the Webflow Masterclass by Ran Segall to learn Webflow specific best practices. You don’t need a tutor; just make some personal projects and post them here for people to critique your way of doing things.

Many thanks Ktoo, could you kindly help me with the particular basic modules, i had a quick look, it is 300 hours of learning.

Kindly let me know what particular modules i should be looking at; again intention is to get my head around Webflow to create simple websites.

No problem! The truth is, the more principles you learn, the less time consuming mistakes you’re going to make in the beginning. So I suggest you complete the Responsive Web Design Certificate in full. It says 300 hours but you can finish it in 100. You’ll understand enough to move onto the Webflow University stuff and apply what you’ve learned here.