Paid Courses VS Webflow University

Hi All! Im new to the forum here. Ive created two websites on webflow playing around to learn. However I want to be proficient as quickly as possible. Do you think webflow university is enough to learn or for example Ran Segals course thats a bit pricy. I also finished half of a Udemy course by Vako Shivili thats been pretty helpful. How did you all get comfortable with the tool minus trying and failing? I feel like there is more failing on my end, smh.

The Webflow University is an amazing value for what is covered - and there’s no harm in starting with that first.

This class should be your first stop, with just under 2 hours of content covering the UI, building blocks, and best practices for web design. After that, I’d recommend this one to get an idea of how a project may look from start to finish. If you’re looking to get into a career with web design, then this is the last class you should go through that covers the whole freelance process.

The community is always open to helping out if you hit any roadblocks so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


Thank You Mike! I’m going to start on the first class you listed today, hopefully I can finish them all soon.