Webflow University vs Paid Courses

Hello all, looking at previously answered questions, i wanted to bring this up again. I have finished webflow 101, and 25% through the 21 day portfolio. I might start figma as people say its good for css and beginners. Now i ask, is the whole course enough to become proficient at web design with webflow? Would i confidently be able to make websites for most clients? And if yes, will a course by Ran Segall help me get there quicker? $700 isn’t really cheap, but if needed i am willing to pay for it.
If no, will flux academy by ran be enough?

Anyone have experiences with both?

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hi @nicomallourides Webflow is GUI for people who doesn’t know how to code and WF courses are good enough to learn how to work work with WF GUI mean where things are and what they do but not why they are used.

This means having a basic understanding HTML and CSS is the best option. CSS these days is very complex but when you have a basic understanding how positioning, margin, padding, Flex-box and CSS Grid works you do not need any paid courses as you can find free very good and comprehensive curses about CSS, Flex and Grid on YT.

You will need this knowledge anyway as WF offers only very basic set of CSS properties and in 99% of projects you will have to use custom code (CSS, JS etc.).

Once you will have basic CSS understanding you will be fine. You have to have in mind that these paid courses cover only one specific project and specific design this means they do not cover everything. If you will need something that is not cover in course you will get without knowledge lost.

The best way is to educate your self understanding principle how CSS works. It may cost you time but investing time into education is always good choice.

@nicomallourides Hello there! firstly for no-code developers webflow is a perfect choice because of it’s versatility beyond a regular drag and drop web builder, the app intergrations, libraries, forum and lots more just makes webflow a good choice. i recently started my webflow journey few months ago and it’s been nothing but interesting.

while everything @Stan said stands valid, i belive everyone could employ a different approach to learning, what i mean is WEBFLOW UNIVERSITY COURSES are really eductaive with a really user friendly learning curve where you learn the basics of webflow step by step with really humorous teachers. Simply put, it is a very helpful course if you want to be a webflow developer. PAID COURSES on the other hand has got a lot of added benefits to it, Ran Segall is an exceperinced webflow developer that has built a large community of webflow developers “FLUX ACADEMY”, learning from and being a part of that community gives you a really firm standing in learning webflow, apart from the certification and networking with like minded collegues from all over the world you would be challenged with tests and exercises that could help you grow your development skills and knowledge in no time.

in my opinion the combo of WEBFLOW UNIVERSITY & PAID COURSES would be very effective to your growth in webflow development, not certain about quicker, but definately very effective.

personally i did not take a paid course, i have used the webflow university and other avalable resources on the internet to build my webflow skills and i still think the combo is a great choice.


I’m not familiar with FLUX and I believe it provides high quality educative content for WF platform. While $700 for approx 80 lesson course only for WF can be for many people a bit expensive there is another option as Udemy where are courses for Webflow that are around $10 (in certain days) with 200 lessons else for approx $90.

On another side there are courses that have similar price like “Total Typescript” with about 400 lessons or “Epic Web” with 450 lessons.

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