Starting seriously with webflow/general questions

Hello everyone,

I am finishing college studies in a couple of months, majoring in Computer Multimedia. I have become somewhat fatigued with pure design and developed an interest in web development, particularly in Webflow development. Consequently, I have a few questions.

I am already familiar with coding in HTML, CSS, and have some knowledge of JS. I have also completed some Webflow courses available on their site. Currently, I am watching videos from Timothy Ricks. Do you have any other suggestions for effective Webflow practice?

Furthermore, I am seeking guidance on how to showcase my Webflow skills, focusing on development rather than design. Where can I find templates for practice? Is it acceptable to work on templates designed by others? Additionally, would it be appropriate to develop templates and present them on platforms like Upwork?

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Once you have a basic understanding of Webflow, I’d go through Webflow’s tutorials, and then begin “copywork”. Pick any website you like on the Internet, and try reproducing it in Webflow, particularly good for learning the capabilities and limits of Webflow Interactions.

From there, most of your learning will be while you’re building client sites, or by following a few of the design superstars.

You might also want to pursue a specialization, e.g.

  • Animations, interactions, lotties
  • 3D work, AR/VR sites
  • Integration with other systems, full system builds ( memberships, ecommerce, etc )
  • Programming, including client side, serverless APIs, builds on Wized, etc.
  • Video optimization and integration, background video, transparent video

Thank you , this helps a lot! Wish you best