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Beginner question on page limits and CMS

Just so I’m sure I understand this before I pay for a CMS site:

I’m planning a fan site about a particular artist which, all being well, will have maybe 30 static pages on biography, timeline, essays etc, then around 150 pages for individual artworks done with the CMS. Each artwork page will have a hero image, several boxes for links and things, and a rich text essay with smaller images inside. There’ll be as much or more total data on each of the dynamic pages as on each of the static pages.

There aren’t any obvious problems with this plan are there?

Many thanks for advice.

It’s a great idea! Wish you good luck!

There’s no problems with this - a CMS hosting plan is exactly what would be needed for this site. If you’re expecting a high amount of monthly traffic, or you need to start using lots of reference/multi reference fields etc, then you might consider a Business hosting plan.

OK, many thanks for that Andy. Good to know I’m on the right lines.

Kind thing to say! Thank you - I’ll work hard to make that true.