Plan Clarification Request

I signed up for a 10-page (Basic) plan that doesn’t permit CMS. I’m considering an upgrade to the Freelancer plan but plan descriptions are not clear on this point.

Does a dynamic CMS page with multiple versions count as a single “page”?

There are two types of plans — Workspace plans (this is what the Freelancer plan is) and Site plans (these are needed per site and include CMS and E-commerce functionality). In your case since it sounds like you’re just looking to add dynamic (CMS) items, you’ll need to upgrade the Site plan from Basic to CMS.

If you’re not building multiple sites at a time (meaning you’ll have more than 2 unpublished sites in your account at any one time) then you can look into one of the Workspace plans.

I must have set the question up poorly. Will dynamic use of CMS give me more real estate to work with? Stretching a single page template into multiple instances that still only “count” as one page?

Yes. In fact it counts as zero pages.

On all plans, you have a limit of 150 static pages.

Then with CMS plan and above, you also have collection page templates.
With the CMS, the maximum number of pages is the number of items, so 2,000 items effectively = 2,150 total pages. Business plan has a 10k item limit, so 10,150 pages total.

Keep in mind that when you use a CMS page template all of the pages using that template have the same structure, it’s only the CMS-bound content, text, images, article, photo gallery, etc. that swap out.

CMS plan, you have 20 collections thus 20 different possible page structures. Business plan, you have 40.