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Basic Webflow Plan Question

I have a question, it may be simple to most but I want to make sure before I invest in this program I know what I am able to do.

I have a two clients that need websites. They each have their own domain so If i purchase the starting freelancer plan, then I can build their sites and use their domains and hosts that that they have already paid for correct? I just have to pay the monthly fee for my use of the program.

Hi @Jannie_Frazier, our pricing plans don’t require you to buy hosting for your sites. if you pay for hosting somewhere else you can export your site when you’re done editing it and upload it to that server. We do have an option where you can get hosting on a CDN for $4.99/month with unlimited bandwidth and storage, but that’s an add-on. Does that answer your question?

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Yes, when I get to the point where I am ready to upload, will there be someone who can help me through this. And how do I gain access to the “dummy” to show them the progress of their site. Sorry I am not the greatest with the background shenanigans of making a webpage work! I just like to design them.

Your site will be hosted on a subdomain. You can show your clients that during the process. When you are ready to export you just export, find that zip file on your computer and unzip. You will have a folder with index.html and your other pages along with folders for your images and css etc. Then set up FTP with your client’s hosting service, and upload the contents of the unzipped folder to the root of their public_html folder. If you have done any web design in the past, the upload process is the same as you would set up in dreamweaver. I doubt the webflow team will provide any support on using another host but if you contact the hosting provider, they should be able to walk you through it. Hope that helps.


Thank you so much DFink! I have not done a lot of web work but I keep getting asked to build the sites i design in illustrator. So I am giving this a go.

Replacing an existing, hosted site has some quirks you need to be aware of and think through. If you are replacing an existing website with strong SEO standings then there are factors you should consider (webflow or not) - naming of the pages for instance. Or creating 301 redirects for pages you do not intend to reuse. These guys have solutions for most any problem you might encounter and this forum is an awesome place to learn and engage. Good luck.


Hi DFink,

I am finally ready to upload this site that I have created. I am however a little confused and hoping you can help me. The client does not have a “public.htm” folder for me to place the contents of my webflow files. I am including a screenshot of the current ftp login with all of the folders that exist. I am not sure if I need to delete the current files and just replace it with the weflow zip files that I have to export. My guess would be to erase what is there and put the new contents in the /cgi-bin folder that is there. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Also, is there another way to go through their current host? They use hostgator, or is the FTP upload the easiest way to do things.

I have no clue about host gator but most hosts have a ftp browser interface as well but I find an ftp client to be easier. As far as the location goes, if you go to your website, if your loads that index.html file then that is the file to replace. You can just drag all the files from the webflow export into that folder and tell it to replace any that are named the same. I’d also just backup the entire contents of that folder beforehand onto your desktop.