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Not Sure how Publishing Works


I am developing my very first project here after spending quite some time getting to know WordPress (I was originally making it there). I’m a very new designer and only took to developing a month ago.

The project I’m working on is a re-branding one. Before handing the reigns to me, my client already bought the new domain and hosting for the new website. They also migrated the data from the old website to the new one.

I am unsure if I can publish my design to an already existing hosted website. if yes, how do i go about it? The designer doesn’t let me add my custom domain without taking me to the hosting/ pricing page.

Any help would be appreciated! TIA

Are you planning on using Webflow hosting or your own seperate hosting?

To wire up your website to a domain on Webflow, you will need to purchase a site plan. If you want to host elsewhere you will need to export your site, this requires an account plan.

I would recommend using Webflow site plan hosting since it’s really easy to use and setup. All you need is a domain, nothing else.

You can publish to a Webflow domain without a site or account plan. This allows you to view your site on a live domain before upgrading.

Thank you @Drew_Schafer for writing so quickly. I do want to continue using the existing hosting plan. Does that mean I need to get an account plan? I do plan to use Webflow for future projects.

Yeah you’ll need an account plan then. That will allow you to export your code.

If you keep using Webflow, and design other sites you can add site plan hosting to individual sites as well. (You can even set up client billing, so they pay you for the hosting)

Here is some info on exporting.

I do plan to use Webflow for future projects.

Even more reason to pick up an Account plan! You’ll be able to have to up to 10 active, unhosted projects in your Dashboard (each with up to 100 static pages and 50 CMS items) along with the ability to export projects to host elsewhere as needed (as @Drew_Schafer mentioned).