Webflow website onto an external host?

Hi Everybody,

I’m new to Webflow, and loving it. When it comes to hosting I’m getting confused:

How to do I place my Clients new website designed using Webflow onto an external host? I understand that I need to export the Webflow code and unzip, then put it on their servers. But how do I transfer it onto their servers? How do I get access? Is there a process? I have seen in other posts people mentioning FTP which I have heard of but don’t no how to use it.

Is it a case of adding the “custom domain” on the site page and this overrides the existing website?

If I were to migrate their domain to Webflow and host it here, will they have a monthly payment to cancel on the previous host (GoDaddy for example).

I know this may be pretty basic but any help would be great


Adding a custom domain to your Webflow project will override and point the domain to your Webflow Site.
Depending on the external hosting company, they may have different policies as to how the refund process works if you are paying for hosting with them too.

I had a client whose domain was with GoDaddy and she initially had a GoDaddy hosting plan as well. I pointed the domain to Webflow and asked GoDaddy Customer Support to refund the remaining amount of the hosting plan and they took care of it.

Before doing any changes, I would recommend talking to Customer Support of your current Hosting Provider for detailed overview of how the charges work.

Thanks for comment.

So if I follow the Webflow video on “Connecting a custom domain” that should be it? I will still need the two A records for @ and the one C record for www from the previous host and therefore my client would at least need access to them?

What if my Client has a “co.uk”, which I believe Webflow doesn’t support. In this case would I need to export my site? Would you know how to do that?


Hey @Gavin , You will get the A records and the CNAME values from Webflow when you hit on Connect Custom Domain. You need access to the DNS settings of your Domain Manager to add these values.

Keep in mind to set the www.yourdomainname.co.uk as the default and NOT yourdomainname.co.uk

Webflow has support for .co.uk, so I would not worry about that at all.

hi @imtiazraqib thanks for helping, super helpful :slight_smile: