Basic Site Plan & Compatible Templates

Hi there! I’m interested in building my portfolio on Webflow. Question: If I subscribe to the basic site plan, which is described as “best for a simple site that doesn’t need a CMS”, am I limited to templates without CMS? Not sure if there’s a correlation there. Thx so much for your help!

Welcome to the community @DesignStan!

You can start with a template that includes CMS, however you’d need to strip out any CMS-related content (unbind any elements and remove all CMS content and pages) before publishing otherwise it will require you to subscribe to the CMS Site plan.

That said, Ecommerce sites currently cannot be reverted down to a static site, so unfortunately you won’t be able to start with any of those templates. I’ve seen threads where some users take advantage of the copy/paste functionality to get the content over to a blank static site from Ecommerce templates, however this can be tedious and time consuming so I wouldn’t rely on that in your case.

Thanks so much for your response and for confirming my hunch! Very helpful! @mikeyevin