Can I remove from a Webflow template the CMS and eCommerce built-in functionalities?

Hi all,

I want to purchase a Webflow template that I like for a project. It has CMS and eCommerce built-in functionalities, but I don’t need them as the client only wants to pay for the basic hosting with no CMS functionality.

My question is: Can I still use this template with basic hosting by removing the CMS and eCommerce functionalities?

I want to make sure it is possible to do it before purchase.

Many thanks.

Edit: Sorry, CMS can be removed. It’s the eCommerce stuff that’s permanent.

CMS and eCommerce can’t be removed once they’re added. I’m not a Webflow expert, so there might be a better way, but—I think you’ll have to create a blank site for the client, and copy/paste the (unbinded) components you want from the template. That way, they’re not automatically creating collections. Does this make sense? :sweat_smile:

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