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Bank statement from client billing

I have client billing set up at cost (no profits coming my way), and the option to use my company name in invoices turned off. So the hosting invoice to my client comes from Webflow, and all payments should be made directly to Webflow. The invoice part works fine, but apparently the statement on their credit card used my name when they were charged. Have been getting questions from their accountant as to how to reconcile an invoice from one company with a payment to another. Any way to stop this from happening and keep my name off the payment?

Hi David! :wave:

Great question!

Please visit your client-billed project’s Settings > Billing tab.

Once you’re in the Billing tab for that project, scroll down a bit and you should see a section called Client Billing. You’ll see the charge that you’ve set up for your client, and to the right of that there should be an Edit option next to small pencil icon.

Click Edit to open additional details.

Scroll down a bit more and there should be a section called Charge Details.

Look for the Credit card statement description field.

Is there any text entered there that would be related to your name that’s showing up on your client’s credit card statement? If so, go ahead and change it to the text that you would prefer to show on your client’s credit card statement. Save your changes and you should be all set to go!

Please be sure to let me know if this does the trick for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Kristine

Just checked and it is already set to “Webflow Web Hosting” rather than my name.

Thanks for double checking that, David!

I’ve checked in with our fantastic support gurus, and this particular issue will require a little extra investigation into your account by our support team, who will be glad to help you get this fixed!

Can you please visit Webflow Customer Support | Webflow University and let them know the following so they can help you as quickly as possible?

  • Please be sure to answer the account verification questions that will be asked of you (this helps to verify your account and make for a quicker support experience :slight_smile: )
  • Share the link to this forum post so you can give our support folks extra context
  • Also, please be sure to include exactly what you would like the credit card statement description to say, and this will also help to fast track your request