Billing and Invoice Info

Hello, Webflow community!
Please help with some information regarding billing and invoicing.

I need to build one site with CMS, for a client (a company), so I opted for the “CMS Hosting” plan. I created an account and introduced my client’s company details in the “Billings & Invoicing Info” from the “Billings” section, from “Account settings”.
Will the company’s details be on the receipt/invoice, after my client will pay for the hosting plan?

I am asking this for tax reasons, so it’s really important that the details of my client’s company be on the receipt/invoice.

I would be very grateful if you could find the time to help me with this question.
Thank you!

@thevet_thevet Yes, they should be. You can also specify what text you would like to show on your clients credit card statement/invoice. So just change that text to the appropriate company. :slight_smile:

PM if you have any issues.