"Could not load index page DOM" error message!

I cannot access the current website I’m working on since trying to restore it to a previous version earlier today. I get a “Could not load index page DOM” error message, every time I try to use the Designer. I reported this to the support team about 5 hours ago and have not even received confirmation that my issue is being dealt with.

I have looked at previous messages on this forum relating to this issue and no one seems to be getting any support. I’m paying for hosting, so what’s the deal with getting some support when it’s needed?

I’m dealing with the same problem, it’s so frustrating and stressing me out. Could webflow experts comment how we could sort this problem?

Or if anyone know how long does it take for the web flow team to get back to your email that’s sent to the support@webflow.com?

Thank you

Thanks. I’ve already submitted a ticket to support, but will email them too… hopefully we’ll get some response soon. Best of luck!

I’ve got the same problem.
I think quite a few people have had this issue in the last 24 hours - possible Webflow server side issues

I am facing the same issue just now. Was working on my draft portfolio and suddenly lost access to designer with the same error. When I go check my backups, the last few show 0 elements.

The support team fixed my issue overnight, and I woke up to an email explaining that they were able to recover the site’s last valid backup and transfer that backup version to my dashboard as a new project. I as this project is still in the development stage and is not linked to a named domain - so I can just crack on with finishing it off in the coming days.

There was no real explanation as to what the problem was other than “it looks like something failed when the site was restored from backup” - which everyone had already realised.

Anyway, I’m satisfied with the outcome and hope you all manage to get back to working on your projects very soon!

PS. Do email them directly if you’ve not done so already… support@webflow.com


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