Background video upload bug

I can’t upload or replace any background videos on my website. It started as just 1 video, now I can’t change or upload any background videos.

It get’s stuck on Transcoding (around 90%), and i’m left with a black box in the designer mode, and an empty box in the preview site.

It seems quite a few people are having this issue, and here is what i’ve done based on other tickets:

  • Renamed MP4 file
  • Reduced MP4 files to lowest size (currently 1.4mb)
  • Tried replicating in incognito mode
  • Re-transcoded / Re exported video file using handbrake/after effects

Here is my site Read-Only: *

Here is the video file


Did you manage to fix the issue with these tricks ?.

I’m experiencing the same issue, tried the things you mentioned and it doesn’t take it.

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