Background video BUG - Transcoding doesn't finish so the Upload wont complete

So i’m trying to add a background video to my webflow project but when its Transcoding the video, actually it never finishes this task in any of my projects. I double checked with other current projects I have and I also checked with my friend which has a webflow account where he can use background video and he explained me how to do it. Also saw the the tutorials of webflow and the video size and format. I’m using a mp4 with 1,4mb just for testing proposals and i even used a video from my friend that we actually manage to insert at this page:

The Transcoding stops at 90% and it doesn’t complete. It looks like this is a BUG from my webflow account which is very weird. You can see the imagem below where the transcoding spots…the same for every project I have.

So i’m never able to see the video because when i change to another page and go back to the same page, the video hasn’t uploaded. Read only link and website link below.

Any help with this would be nice. @WebflowCommunityTeam any ideas for a solution?

Read-Only link >

Published website link >

I’ve had the exact same issue lately. Raised it with Webflow support but still haven’t heard back yet. I ended up using a code embed and doing my own background video with the HTML video element.

Hello @jasondark thanks for replying.

Well I thought about it but to add an embed HTML do work has a background video, i need to have another host where i can add my video so i have an url right?
because webflow assets doesn’t allow do add videos so the only way to get an url of my video (without adding it to youtube, vimeo or similar) it’s to have another hosting outside of webflow where i can insert that video.

That’s what you did?

And @WebflowCommunityTeam, @PixelGeek or any other Webflow Staff member, do you know whats causing this? Would be very useful to have this bug corrected

So I have found the problem with this.
I was using Brave Browser which disables some scripts, third-parties or cookies so it doesn’t allow to upload the video somehow.

I tested with chrome and it worked! :slight_smile:

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