Background videos not working on two pages

Hey everyone,

I am new to webflow and wanted to try out building a wellness site. I adapted this from a template.

On each page, I added a background video. I have using the same format of CMS on each page.

For some reason when I go into Preview mode the background videos on the “what do you need” and the “contact” sections only play once the link has been clicked twice in the navigation bar.

I wonder if anyone has had this before or could point me in the right direction on how to fix.

Sorry if this is a dumbarse question. Thank you!

@Jamie_Styles Welcome to the forums!

Have you tried publishing and viewing the pages/section in question to see if it happens on the live site? When I went on to the preview link and previewed them they worked just fine.

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Chris thank you so much. I wish I had just asked someone yesterday I have played around with this non-stop. I published them and they did work totally fine.

It must be something in the preview on my own computer.

Thank you!!!