CMS background video non showing up on mobile for just one project


I just published a client’s website. Everything worked fine until we published it.
At that point, the background videos of one CMS project stopped showing up only on mobile.

This is how I set it up.

I have a Draft page where I upload the videos and I use it to get the link. That way it’s uploaded into Webflow (I’d use Vimeo but Iubenda blocks the autoplay and they don’t show up).

For reference, Timothy Ricks made a video about it:

Then, from the project CMS, I have 3 plain text fields where I paste those links.

On the project page, I have 3 embed items with the following code inside:

<div style="width: 100%; height: 100%;" class="w-background-video w-background-video-atom">

<video playsinline loop muted autoplay="" loop="" muted="" playsinline="" data-wf-ignore="true" data-object-fit="cover">

<source src="Text Field" data-wf-ignore="true"/> </video> </div>

The source, where it says Text Field, is connected with the CMS and pulls the video links (obviously 3 different links - 3 different videos).

Now, I only have 2 projects with the videos displayed. One project works and the other doesn’t. And it’s driving me crazy because it’s a CMS page with the same everything.

The video’s weights are all very close to each other, so that can’t be the problem.

Also, you can only see this bug on an actual phone. On inspect mobile shows up and on Webflow preview also shows up.

This is the link with the videos not working:

This is the link to the other project with the video working:

Thank you to whoever takes the time to read all this :pray:t2: