Background video MP4s play in Designer, don't even appear on published site

Hello Helpful People,

Struggling with a problem I could swear worked fine a couple weeks ago. I’m using CMS text fields to call up background video MP4s that display animated portfolio images. Little custom code from some helpful tutorials so they play and loop , some conditional visibility to account for when they do/don’t exist.

In the Designer, everything works fine. Published site, the videos don’t appear or play, though their containing divs are there — I can inspect them, see they’re there, and they take up the proper, expected amount of space. They’re just empty.

The videos play fine on the scrap page where I’m stashing them in bulk, so presumably it’s something to do with how I’ve set things up on this CMS template page, but A/B testing has proved less than helpful because, again, they show up fine in the Designer and Live view.

I’ve seen some similar topics but nothing quite this issue and none of their solves seem to be it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only:

As an update, I did some testing with a simpler page and I tried different video links. The issue seems to be related to using my own links from videos uploaded to Webflow that look like this:

They’ll play in the designer, but fail in the published site. When used an external link from a cloned project like the following everything works fine:

Aaaaand sorted but I can’t delete the topic — had to find a different way to pull the Webflow link.