Background Video Won't Play For Two Sites

Hello there!

I am running into the issue of my videos not playing when I put them onto my server. This has happened to me twice in the past week and I am unsure why the videos are not playing. Could it be a server issue?


(background video not playing)

(top video turns white when uploaded to server)

Hi @Sarah_Gaupel

Thanks for posting. I did some testing and was able to see the video play as expected in preview mode and on the live site here:

If you are seeing other behavior on your end, can you send me a screen recording of what you see (CloudApp or Quicktime work well)?

So we actually went live with the site here - as you’ll notice the video is frozen.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Sarah_Gaupel

Thanks for sharing that link.

After digging into the site some more, it looks like the video files are not actually referenced.

The SRC you have set for the video redirects to youtube:

Can you please try to change your video background file name — specifically, remove all spaces or extra characters.

Thereafter, can you re-upload the video background to your Webflow project, then re-export, re-upload and make sure the links are configured correctly?

Thanks for getting back to me! So now that I have changed the name of the video + reuploaded and this is what I see. What do you recommend?

Looking at another website we’ve built with a video background it looks like a link is being create for the source when we upload the video however, that isn’t happening for me now.

Let me know if I may be uploading the video incorrectly. Thanks!

**Screenshot of working video source

**Screenshot of


I viewed the site once more, but it looks like the video still has the same file name :thinking:

Can you try completely deleting the background video element, then add a new one, upload the video (ensure the file has no special chars), and try exporting?

@Sarah_Gaupel I just wanted to chime in here as it actually looks like there’s a redirect issue occurring for your /videos slug causing the issue.

Could you please try removing that redirect in place for the /videos slug configured externally?

Alternatively you’ll need to use a different file folder name for /videos on your external server (maybe try /videos-2 as the folder where those videos live.

Then within your HTML file you will need to update the slugs to match what you name them on your external server. I hope that this is helpful in getting that video background to play on the external server :bowing_man:‍♂️

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