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Background video not functioning on mobile


I have created my Webflow website and it works perfectly on my laptop. However the moving image does not work on mobile, which is highly frustrating as most of my users will use their mobiles.

None of the codes I’ve found online have really help. Begging for one of you to help me :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

Screenshot of what’s shown on the phone website is attached

Hello @Theo_El-Kattan,

I think your problem has to do with each user’s power saving preference. Like if you tested on a fully powered mobile device it would play the video the way it is in desktop. So there is really nothing wrong with your website, phones just will not autoplay videos to save on battery power. Now, what you can do is maybe make a gif just for mobile breakpoints and replace your background video with it? I hope this helps.

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